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The new mobile version of ExitToLive 1.1 is available

The new mobile version of ExitToLive 1.1 is available.

Logo ExitToLive 3D

Logo ExitToLive 3D

ExitToLive is a social network dedicated to events and outings. Leaning on his GPS system, it calculates and provides instant events and family outings from any location.

Different types of events are sorted chronologically and classified under seven distinct forms: movie, theater, music, dance, sport, and culture. Whatever the tastes of the users, each event has a fact sheet concerning: displays the date, location and more information.

ExitToLive itself as a key partner information and event management.

ExitToLive full of ideas and suggestions for outings. The outings are arranged by topic and sorted by geographical distance.

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Near outings and invitations management in a few clicks

The application proposes to create its own outputs, or better yet, participate in outings offered by other organizers or professionals. In addition, the service provides a calendar of upcoming releases and greatly simplifies the task of inviting friends just a few clicks.

Different types of outings

Outputs are available in three disparate forms: public, semi-public or private. The outputs are visible to all public and everyone can participate, semi-public outputs are visible to all, but only the organizer of the output can accept and validate participants, and finally outputs are invisible private and only the organizer of the output can invite participants (friends)!

Many combinations are possible, eg output semi-public, inviting friends and family open to people under approval of the organizer to get to know new people.

From local geolocation to Explorer mode

Consultation events and outputs based on the geographical location of the user, thus, they are calculated and presented to the user and can be set by the search radius. On the other hand, has a ExitToLive exploration tool called the « Explorer Mode ». It evaluates and suggests events and outings the desired location around the world. It proves handy when you are moving or traveling.

Location-based search system

The application allows you to search for members, events, outings, and finally the points of interest close by the search radius established.

Variety of different places of interest

This application provides I.G.D (Interactive Geolocated Directory) which allows members to access ExitToLive close points of interest as address and geographical location. The I.G.D enables amateurs and professionals to reference their establishments or places of business to promote their upcoming events, activities and outings.

Availability on different platforms :

The mobile application is available in several platforms: Android, iPhone / iPad, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 8.

Android device iOS Device Windows Phone 8 Device BlackBerry Device

Article on Le Parisien – September 30, 2012

Article Le ParisienAn excellent article was written by the editor of Le Parisien on September 30 (2012) about ExitToLive and its founder.

Various newspapers and magazines talk about: MicroHebdoTop 500 sites internet, the newspaper Point 24Annecy Cosmetics and some internet sites and blogs: sites-a-voir.comLocita, Android-software.fr

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Press articles regarding ExitToLive

Discover all the press articles about ExitToLive website for organizing friendly trips and making new friends. By sharing the same activity, meet other people who share the same interests as you !

Various newspapers and magazines talk about: MicroHebdo, Top 500 sites internet, the newspaper Point 24, Annecy Cosmetics and some internet sites and blogs: sites-a-voir.com, Locita, Android-software.fr

The page that contains all press articles.

An article was written in the journal Top 500 sites internet

The editors of the magazine «Top 500 sites internet» of Spring 2012 (No. 11 – page 15) has written a nice article about the site ExitToLive.com, explaining well the interest brings the site to Internet users, we want to thank the entire team of Top 500 sites internet.