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The different versions (languages​​) of ExitToLive.Com

We strive every day to improve the site, recently we have added two languages ​​at the home page, Italian and German.

English : Exit To Live - Meet new friend outings and current events calendar

Français : Exit To Live - Se faire des amis rencontres et sorties amicales 

Italian : Exit To Live - Incontra nuovi amici e le uscite correnti del calendario 

German : Exit To Live - Triff neue Freunde Ausflügen und aktuellen 

Spanish : Exit To Live - Conocer gente salida fácil y el calendario de los 

Arabic : Exit To Live - التعرف على أشخاص نزهة ودية والجدول الزمني للأحداث الجارية

Hindi : Exit To Live - लोगों से मिलने अनुकूल सैर और वर्तमान 

Russian : Exit To Live - Встречайтесь с людьми дружественный пикник и 

Chinese (traditional) : Exit To Live - 滿足人民群眾友好郊遊和時事日曆

Cheers !

ExitToLive version 1.0.3 is available for Android !

Fixes and new features :

  • Fixed bug in default paging when displaying outings
  • Fixed bug in default swap events and movies
  • Fixed bug thumbnail when displaying outings
  • Fixed bug in thumbnail when viewing events and movies
  • Added the ability to create an outing from the dashboard
  • Added Explorer Mode in the dashboard
  • Added ability to see my future outings in my profile
  • Fixed bug colors display in my calendar
  • Possibility of identification with an email address or a nickname

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