Gilbert laffaille at Paris

Gilbert laffaille at Paris, 11/17/2013 17:00

Gilbert laffaille Paris

Gilbert laffaille Paris

ExitToLive proposes to you an upcoming event type concert at Paris, this 11/17/2013 17:00.

his new show composed half the songs from the new album “Day and Night” (released October 2013) and half shelled success since 1977: “The President and the Elephant,” “The big cat market,” “java without moderation “,” Neuilly blues, “” Tips and tricks “… should mark the return of Gilbert Laffaille on the front of the stage and timely reminder of his place in the French song. Accompanied by Nathalie Fortin (piano), Jack Adda (guitar) and Olivier Moret (bass) serious or funny, tender or wacky songs, fireworks of words and music!


“Few are those who, like him, can sing tenderness without sentimentality, compassion without pathos, without revolt watchword. It is just the missing link between Caussimon and Souchon, with a hint of Bobby by Gilbert laffaille.” Le canard enchainĂ©

“An amazing work on the tightrope over the microphone over the furrow, the thread of inspiration, happiness over (…) The whole set in a dazzling verbal juggling, a sense of unalloyed happiness.” Le Figaro

Check recommended: doors open half an hour before the start of the concert

For more details, go here : Gilbert laffaille at Paris

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